The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia

Our Values

NuKorc is committed to the achievement of excellence in the way we do business, the products we manufacture and the services that we provide. We are committed to transparency and improvements in our dealings with our customers, suppliers, employees and other constituent stakeholders.

NuKorc's core values are therefore dictated by this aspiration of excellence:

  • Service Excellence. We track and monitor key indicators of our service performance and seek external, independent opinion on our performance regularly.
  • Quality Excellence. External accreditation of our quality systems is sought as a minimum acceptable standard of quality.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation. The competence of our products, processes and people must be upgraded regularly if we are to be a long-term supplier of choice to our customers. We therefore devote considerable resources to research and development.
  • Bias for Action. NuKorc's philosophy is that it is better to act and be mistaken than not act at all.
  • Integrity. We strive for openness in communication and transparency with regards our actions. Our word is our bond.
  • Community, Safety and Environment. We are a significant employer and aim to provide a safe, challenging environment for all of our staff. Our products are recyclable and our manufacturing principles geared to sustainable development.
  • Value Creation. Value creation is an "end", and is not viewed as a "means". Development of wealth for our shareholders, employees and customers will be achieved only when we fulfil each of the core values detailed above.