Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland, Australia

NuKorc Fresh

NuKorc Fresh, the latest development from NuKorc Pty Ltd, can be considered the evolution of the highly successful NuKorc synthetic closure.

Providing improved cellular structure & low oxygen transmission, NuKorc Fresh has been designed with NuKorc’s superior snapback qualities in order to deliver exceptional sealing, extraction & re-insertion performance.

NuKorc Fresh is suitable for use in a large range of commercial wines in today’s market.

All NuKorc Fresh raw materials are EU & FDA approved for food contact use.

NuKorc Fresh is available in NuFresh colour and can be printed in up to two colours.

Technical Data
Length (mm) : 37, 40
Diameter (mm): 22
Weight (g): 6.3, 6.8
Density (g/cc): 0.45
Peak Extraction Force (kg): 20-40
OTR (cc/day)*: 0.007

* Average value based upon MOCON testing. OTR data reported is measured using air.

Features and Benefits

  • No flavour modification
  • Bottle to bottle consistency
  • Free of TCA
  • Will easily substitute technical and injection-moulded closures because of its competitive cost and better technical performance
  • No leakage or lipping
  • No dust or crumbles in your wine
  • Easy to extract/reinsert