Lorne, Victoria, Australia


NuKorc is the pioneer of single-extruded synthetic closures, made from high quality polymers and blowing agents in a food-grade, HACCP certified facility.

Our single-extrusion manufacturing process allows for the highest degree of manufacturing consistency and an even cell structure, it can be specifically designed to suit any length, diameter or colour requirement.

The result is a reliable closure easy to open, which preserves the intended characteristics of your wine.

NuKorc is designed to work with all standard bottling equipment, including those equipped for N2 or CO2 dosing prior to vacuum. No bottling line changes are required, apart from cleaning natural cork bark dust from the corker.

All NuKorc materials are FDA approved for food contact and do not contain EVA.

Diameter (mm): 37, 40
Length (mm): 22
Density (gr/cm³): 0.45
OTR (cc/day): 0.012
Weight (gr): 6.30, 6.80

Features and Benefits

  • Taint free: No concerns over TCA.
  • No flavour modification: Winemakers continue to say: “When it is sealed with NuKorc my wine is exactly as I intended it to be”.
  • Consistency: Bottle to bottle variation is minimised as a result of the consistency of the single extrusion method and unique cell structure of the NuKorc closure.
  • Excellent long-term sulphur dioxide and ascorbic acid retention giving improved shelf-life: The properties of the NuKorc closure ensure rapid snapback after insertion and superior seal. MOCON testing performed in the U.S.A. shows that the NuKorc closure has one of the lowest “ox-trans” rates of any closure available
  • Wine travel/leakage: The NuKorc closure seals so well that wine travel and leakage are prevented.
  • Crumble free: NuKorc will not crumble or leave particles in the wine upon extraction.
  • Ease of extraction, removal from corkscrew and re-insertion: NuKorc's fine cell structure means that it can be easily removed with a standard corkscrew, producing a joyful “popping” noise when pulled from the bottle.
  • Appearance: NuKorc can be made in a full range of colours (13 standard colours).
  • Printing: The NuKorc closure can be printed in one or two colours in a range of FDA approved inks.

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