Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia


NuSpark has been specifically engineered for the sparkling wine, cider and carbonated fruit juice markets to maintain high levels of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide in the bottle whilst eliminating TCA spoilage of the product. This is achieved by using the same single extruded polymer technology used for the successful NuKorc wine closure. NuSpark does not alter the flavour of the product and all materials used have both FDA and EU approvals. It is much stronger than conventional cork closures for sparkling products and will not break when twisted. NuSpark also offers the advantage of homogenous construction. No orientation of the closure is required prior to bottling application.

Features and Benefits

  • CO2 Retention: NuSpark's 'snap back' technology allows the closure to seal to the bottle wall instantly, maximizing the CO2 level in your product.
  • Extraction: NuSpark has been engineered specifically for ease of extraction whilst generating sufficient pressure against the neck to stay in the bottle once the wire muselet has been removed.
  • Dust Free: NuSpark is free from dust contamination.
  • Appearance: NuSpark can be made in a full range of colours to enhance your branding image.
  • Consistency: NuSpark is manufactured to strict parameters providing you with a closure that will work for you every-time.

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