Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia


NuStoppa is a synthetic stopper designed as an alternative to natural cork & suitable for sealing bottles containing spirits, fortified wines, olives oils & fragrant oils.

The NuStoppa shank is made from the same formulation as the successful NuKorc wine closure & is single-extruded creating a consistent, high quality product.

NuStoppa is a two-piece product, giving you the freedom to use your company’s existing caps with a NuStoppa shanks inserted.

Features and Benefits

  • Flavour Retention: NuStoppa's snap back technology allows the closure to seal against the bottle wall instantly, maximising the flavour level in your product.
  • Extraction: NuStoppa has been designed specifically for ease of extraction whilst generating sufficient pressure against the bottle wall to seal properly.
  • Dust Free: NuStoppa is free from dust contamination, and does not break up and leave particles in your product when extracted.
  • Appearance: NuStoppa can be made in a full range of colours to enhance your brand.
  • Consistency: NuStoppa is manufactured to strict parameters providing you with a closure that will work every time.
  • No Changes to Machine Set-Up: NuStoppa can be inserted on the same bottling equipment as natural cork stoppers or bar-top closures.
  • Strength: NuStoppa is much stronger than conventional natural wood bark stopper bodies and will not break when it is twisted or screwed.

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