Lorne, Victoria, Australia

Quality Standards

To create an enjoyable and drinkable wine can be quite complex! At NuKorc we help you with this difficult task by providing you with the safest, cleanest and most consistent high quality synthetic closure available.

The raw materials used to manufacture NuKorc closures comply with FDA & EU food contact regulations. Our internal quality controls ensure that all in-coming raw materials are inspected and tested, conform to specification and are free from any potential contamination.

The commitment to assuring quality continues throughout the manufacturing process.

In-process inspections are conducted at all stages of production and include regular dimensional, density, cell structure and chamfer quality analysis.

All finished product is extensively evaluated within the NuKorc Laboratory prior to release to customers. Key performance criteria including sensory analysis, extraction force, off-corkscrew force, and leak testing (using an oven to simulate temperature peaks) are measured against specification to ensure you receive synthetic closures of optimal quality.

NuKorc closures are packaged in food grade polyethylene bags, and are protected from contamination by strict storage and distribution control procedures. In addition containers for export shipments are thoroughly inspected prior to loading to ensure freedom from any potential physical or chemical contaminants.

All NuKorc facilities are food-grade standard, and HACCP and BRC (British Retailers Consortium) certified. Food hygiene training also forms a key component of our employee induction program and is continuously reinforced through staff training programs.

We are serious about quality and we are committed to producing a superior closure that compliments your wine. Our investments in quality assurance and control, continuous improvement and the deployment of good manufacturing practices demonstrates this commitment and ensures a product free of physical, bacterial and chemical contamination.

Pure - 'free from anything that taints, impairs, infects': Your wine when you choose NuKorc synthetic closures.